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Andy Dwyer is the funniest kid on television. I mean, technically speaking, he is a grown-ass adult. But on Parks and Recreation he is the child of the group, both intellectually and emotionally speaking. His love is pure and his mind is simple.

It made perfect sense that one of Andy’s story arcs this season involved him finding his niche as a children’s entertainer. It is the perfect job for him. Minimal hours and commitment with maximum payoff (birthday parties are BIG business), a chance to use his MouseRat honed music skills for an adoring audience, songs about boogers and karate, and free cupcakes. What else could Andy ask for?

That’s why I especially enjoyed last night’s episode, where it is Andy who is paired with Leslie as she gradually realizes that she does NOT have the flu (SPOILER ALERT) but is in fact pregnant. The reviewer on the AV Club pointed out what a nice compliment Andy is to Leslie. His youthful exuberance needs guidance, and it allows her to be a less extreme, more real version of her character, which is always nice to see.

There’s a delightful moment where Andy turns to Leslie and gives her a surprisingly sensitive speech, encouraging her that she’ll be able to handle her growing family. As she marvels at that, she asks him how he knew she was pregnant. Andy, of course, is shocked. He thought Leslie and Ben were getting a dog. (Not everybody gets a Champion, alas.)

Andy is the perfect person to show Leslie that she can, and will, be a great mother. His excitement at the prospect of being able to get two candies at the drug store made me laugh out loud. (As well as his choice of the giant gummy bear as just “one” of his two candies.)

And now, a brief tribute to Andy Dwyer in gifs…

His sense of history.


His sense of fashion.


His wisdom.


His moves with the opposite sex.


His endless enthusiasm and boundless joy.


His existential ennui.


And his ability to handle complicated tasks. Sort of. Okay, not really.


As for the haters…


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He really does deserve it. His acting in Series 3 was something I’ve never seen before, honestly, through all ive seen of his work. Sure, its difficult to play Sherlock, a self-titled “high functioning sociopath,” but it must be even that much more of a challenge to play Sherlock expressing emotion. In this series, we saw Sherlock express emotion we’d never think to see: sadness, fear, heartbreak, physical trauma, death, suffering, being drunk… The list really does go on.

Benedict Cumberbatch was extraordinary. I mean, he always is! But the man deserves every award ever. A BAFTA is just one of many we wish the man to get. But this series just blew me away. Every expression and emotion and like was portrayed in a way I’ve never seen, and no other actor could do what Benedict had just done.

Definitely give this man a fucking BAFTA. Give him everything because he deserves it all.

so fucking true.


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